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Candidate Spotlight – Operations Manager

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Are you looking for an experienced Operations Manager with an Extensive Technical Background for your growing manufacturing operation? Perhaps someone with their sleeves already rolled up and ready to add long-term value demonstrated in a real track record of results? Please read on as our Candidate Spotlight may be just the someone you need on your team NOW!

Experienced Manufacturing Operations Manager

Experience: 20+ years, Education: Bachelors Degree, Technical Management, DeVry Technical Institute, Honors Graduate.

Industries: Automotive Parts Mfg., Automotive Electronics Mfg., Industrial Electronics Components Mfg., Commercial Communications Electronics Mfg., Aerospace Electronics Mfg.

Skills: Continuous improvement, multi-tasker, mentoring and coaching, culture diversity, safety, strong computer skills, writes processes and implements, quality assurance, cost accounting in production scrap/waste control, production efficiency, ISO 14001, Kaizen, Q/EMS, operations audits, .

Characteristics: Analytical mindset, strong work ethic, personable leadership style, walks the floor, proactive assessment and addressing of issues before they become problems, safety oriented for processes and people.