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Candidate Spotlight – Operations Manager

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We have your candidate who has experience supervising medium to large teams and up to 32 direct reports. Please read on as our Candidate Spotlight may be just the someone you need on your team NOW!

Experienced Operations Manager

Experience: 20+ years, Education: B.A.

Industries: Precision valve manufacturing, control interfaces, machined metal components manufacturing (gears, splines, shafts, etc), panels, control modules and sensors manufacturing, sheet metal components manufacturing.

Skills: Plant liaison for quality, customers, human resources, and safety. LEAN manufacturing, process improvement and continuous improvement. Computer literate. Production, assembly, painting, quality and finalization production processes. Shipping and Purchasing out-the-door processes.

Characteristics: Builds rapport with all levels in the organization. KPI and metrics driven leadership mentoring and coaching style. Customer facing. Big-picture thinking, understanding, and transparency with workforce. Lifelong learner, stays up on latest industry and technology trends. Grasps new concepts and applies quickly so advances can be made efficiently and effectively. Straight-forward, no nonsense clear communicator.