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Staffing and COVID-19

Preparing for Staffing with COVID-19 Dealing with the threat of business disruption comes from many directions. Staffing and COVID-19 and the effect it will have on our client’s business is less clear than many other concerns.  Staffing firms and their clients know not to ignore it.  (COVID-19 is the novel corona virus that has been… Read more »

Staffing NCCI Codes, Experience Mod Score and Work Comp

From time to time, prospects are unsure what to ask about Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Barton Staffing Solutions educates prospects on staffing NCCI Codes to help them make an informed decision when choosing a staffing agency. Most prospects know that choosing a staffing agency requires risk analysis – not just price comparison. However, when it comes… Read more »

Staffing On-boarding Is Applicant Experience

The staffing on-boarding process is evolving to meet the needs of both industry and applicant experience expectations. Today, the staffing industry rapidly evolves to lead the demands of a growing Gig Economy. Workers in all industries are increasingly aware of the dramatic differences between staffing firms/agencies competing for them to apply. The staffing on-boarding process… Read more »

The New Tax Plan & ACA Compliance, Don’t Assume

If you are our client you know that Barton Staffing Solutions continues to offer health insurance to eligible employees. We’re committed to following the Affordable Care Act. The ACA as it pertains to employers is still law and our clients expect us to be compliant. Your Staffing Firm Do you know if your staffing company… Read more »

Staffing and the Operating Model

Recruiting and staffing processes are part of a greater Staffing Operating Model. Barton Staffing Solutions’ and its clients’ business ecosystems constitute this larger business operating model. Our staffing operating model efficiently and effectively creates value for our clients. Staffing firms employ an important segment of the workforce. Staffing firms also deliver contingent labor to the… Read more »

Is Your Job Application Getting Lost In The Pile When You Apply?

That Sucking Sound Is Your Application Getting Lost That sucking sound you think you hear submitting a job application to an employer you want to work for is probably your job application getting lost. Want to prevent your job application getting lost next time? Read on to learn how a Staffing Agency can get you… Read more »

Barton Staffing Solutions Announces New Joliet Crest Hill Location

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Crest Hill / Joliet, Illinois, January 15, 2018, Barton Staffing Solutions, the provider of best in class staffing and employment services, is expanding its presence today by moving its office serving the Joliet Crest Hill area.  Barton Staffing Joliet Crest Hill is responding to a growing and evolving market with the move. The… Read more »

OSHA Online Reporting and Staffing

The deadline for OSHA online reporting (workplace accident illnesses and injuries) is imminent. Unless there is another unlikely delay, that deadline is this Friday, December 15, 2017. OSHA is implementing a new era of efficiency and compliance accountability.  How does this effect Establishments using temporary staffing services? OSHA reporting, now online, is the responsibility of… Read more »

Staffing Applicant Rules of Engagement

Staffing Gets You Back In The Game Excellent!  So, you are looking for a new job, and you have come to a temporary staffing agency to get back in the game.  That’s a perfect strategy – and worth a quick review of best practices or staffing applicant rules of engagement to help you land that… Read more »

Keep Calm Open Enrollment Is Here

It’s that time of year. And, this will be the 4th year of Open Enrollment for staffing firms offering compliant health insurance to their temporary workers under the ACA.  Systems are smoother, teams know what to expect and the process will go smoothly for workers, clients and staffing agencies. Barton Staffing solutions satisfies the compliance… Read more »