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Unemployment Is NOT A Long Term Solution

You have a choice to make. You can apply for a JOB or apply for UNEMPLOYMENT. One option will build your pride, make a contribution, earn money and support your family in the long term. The other will not. Unemployment is NOT a long term solution Barton Staffing Solutions helps many workers change their lives… Read more »

On Unemployment? Don’t Be The Last One

This blog is for you if you are on unemployment benefits.  Collecting unemployment benefits can sometimes feel like a game of Musical Chairs. Don’t be the last one to get back to work. Regrouping to figure out what you want to do is valuable, only to a point. The added COVID-19 benefits intended to help… Read more »

Back to Better Normal After COVID-19

Time to get Back to Normal – Back to Better Normal. Since COVID-19 hit in mid March some things have changed but likely your goals have not. The truth is we’re getting through this, and doing well.  We’ve learned a lot, and it is a new normal, a new better normal, we are getting back… Read more »

Jobs Available Now Don’t Wait

Don’t Wait – There Are Jobs Available Now Don’t wait until everyone is applying for the same jobs you want. Things are way different than they were 2 months ago – in many ways. The motivated see this as opportunity to work, or get a better job, or switch job roles altogether. But be aware… Read more »

COVID-19 Response – Internal

In our last blog, we shared best practices resources clients’ COVID-19 response. As an essential business, Barton Staffing Solutions is also doing our part in the COVID-19 response. Updated resources continue at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA and other industry and regulatory websites. And, it’s also important to know Barton Staffing Solutions has… Read more »

Staffing and COVID-19

Preparing for Staffing with COVID-19 Dealing with the threat of business disruption comes from many directions. Staffing and COVID-19 and the effect it will have on our client’s business is less clear than many other concerns.  Staffing firms and their clients know not to ignore it.  (COVID-19 is the novel corona virus that has been… Read more »

Staffing NCCI Codes, Experience Mod Score and Work Comp

From time to time, prospects are unsure what to ask about Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Barton Staffing Solutions educates prospects on staffing NCCI Codes to help them make an informed decision when choosing a staffing agency. Most prospects know that choosing a staffing agency requires risk analysis – not just price comparison. However, when it comes… Read more »

Staffing On-boarding Is Applicant Experience

The staffing on-boarding process is evolving to meet the needs of both industry and applicant experience expectations. Today, the staffing industry rapidly evolves to lead the demands of a growing Gig Economy. Workers in all industries are increasingly aware of the dramatic differences between staffing firms/agencies competing for them to apply. The staffing on-boarding process… Read more »

The New Tax Plan & ACA Compliance, Don’t Assume

If you are our client you know that Barton Staffing Solutions continues to offer health insurance to eligible employees. We’re committed to following the Affordable Care Act. The ACA as it pertains to employers is still law and our clients expect us to be compliant. Your Staffing Firm Do you know if your staffing company… Read more »

Staffing and the Operating Model

Recruiting and staffing processes are part of a greater Staffing Operating Model. Barton Staffing Solutions’ and its clients’ business ecosystems constitute this larger business operating model. Our staffing operating model efficiently and effectively creates value for our clients. Staffing firms employ an important segment of the workforce. Staffing firms also deliver contingent labor to the… Read more »