Trends & Impact Series #2: Unemployment Costs

Welcome to the second in the series of Staffing Industry Trends and Impact blogs from Barton Staffing Solutions. Today’s topic is Unemployment Costs. These topics are the result of many RFP renewal requests we receive this time of year. As industry thought leaders, we share our observations to elevate the entire industry. On to today’s […]

Trends & Impact Series #1: Safety In The Workplace

Welcome to Safety In The Workplace, the first in this series of Staffing Industry Trends and Impact blogs from Barton Staffing Solutions. At this time of the year, Barton Staffing Solutions renews a number of corporate contracts. Large enterprise customers are particularly effective in evaluating their vendors using RFP processes and tools such as Ariba, […]

Have An Interview: Do You Know Where You Are Going?

So, you just aced the call with your recruiter. And now you have an interview for your next job. What should you do first? Well, there are dozens of articles out there that outline what you need to do during the interview. And many more on how to prepare for the interview in advance. Absolutely, […]

5 Reasons Temporary Staffing Employment Diversity Is Good For You

The American Staffing Association (ASA) regularly survey’s the industry, and identifies the current top reasons employees choose to work as a temporary employee through a staffing company like Barton Staffing Solutions. These reasons seem to focus on factors of temporary staffing employment diversity in terms of work and workplace that temporary workers prefer. We try […]

Temporary Staffing Is Not Job Hopping: Managers Take Note

We work with candidates all the time helping them position their work experience to the best advantage. Temporary staffing is not job hopping – it is continuity of role, at multiple companies. The obvious challenge is positioning a temporary staffing candidate effectively in their resume. Consider the candidate that holds three assignments performing the same role […]

8 Reasons To Choose A Regional Temporary Staffing Firm

Barton Staffing Solutions is asked regularly: why should we choose a local or regional temporary staffing firm over a huge national or franchise-based temp agency. We are often asked this question when a national, or global company is “standardizing” on their vendor for temporary staffing in an effort to cut costs. Of course, there are many […]