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A Christmas Holiday Time of Thanks for Customers and Employees

With the holiday season, it’s time to reflect. Giving thanks for customers and employees is natural as we enjoy our family and reconnect with friends. Over the past year of economic recovery many have reentered the workforce, and a good portion of those did it through temporary staffing.

Barton Staffing Solutions gives thanks for customers and employees. Being trusted by so many with the opportunity to contribute to the success and growth of so many individuals and enterprises is our mission.

Economic drivers and business trends continue to improve. Prospects for growth and increased demand for skilled temporary workers is an enduring industry shift. Interested workers seeking opportunity, diversity of work, and career development potential through temporary staffing is increasing supply to meet demand.

Our customers and clients are precious to us, and we know that to serve them, is what brings our customers back again and again. Without our customers, we cannot sustain our business. We give thanks for customers and are truly grateful for their trust in us as their partner.

Our employees are like none other. Since Barton Staffing initiated E-Verify, drug testing, safety training, and truly raised the bar for quality and performance, our customers have benefited through a workforce focused on continual improvement just like their internal employees. Driving and maintaining this parity is an industry leadership shift that other staffing firms have missed. We know how important it its to be in parity with our client’s needs and talent requirements. Well qualified employees that perform at the highest level is our strategy to meet our clients’ expectations and be a part of their strategy to achieve corporate goals.

We trust each of you are equally excited about the new year as you plan for 2014. We are here to advise, consult, and support your needs to adopt or increase temporary staffing as a core element of your business strategy in 2014.

The Christmas holiday is truly a time of giving thanks for customers and employees.

The Barton Staffing Solutions Team