For 2014, Focus on Training. Productivity, Health and Safety Will Benefit

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The new year is upon us, and an obvious new years resolution for any company is the health and safety of their operations and workplace and their employees. No better way to do this for 2014 than to focus on training. Productivity, health and safety in your operation will benefit.


Healthy and mentally prepared employees are better employees. Invest in the programs that teach and grow your employees so they can become better individual and team contributors to your operation. Investing in employees, and your temporary staff, ensures you will achieve your 2014 corporate objectives.

Every year we hear arguments from lesser managers and poor leaders that investing in employees only to see them leave your organization is an avoidable cost. In reality, the only thing worse than investing in an employee that leaves your company, is to not invest in employee training, and your competitive advantage erodes altogether.

Operations and the Workplace

When is the last time you reviewed and updated fundamental documents for your business? Operational plan documents that enable productivity and safety in your workplace.  Consider these:

  1. Code of Business Conduct
  2. Corporate Health and Safety Manual
  3. Safety Event Log
  4. Business Process Manual
  5. Employee Training Program
  6. …other critical operations document for your firm…

For all of these, and other fundamentals for the workplace and operations, ask: “is time to re-train any employees?”

Or better: “is it time institute a formal training program that schedules training for the coming year?”

Value of Training

It would be nearly impossible for any contemporary manager, leader or executive not to have read at least one research article the value and ultimate return on these systems. These human capital management systems work because they improve employee’s contribution to the bottom line.

Training programs work better if they are reviewed and updated periodically. Training employees to align more with company objectives, processes, values is fundamental to profit. This is the reason and purpose for business to exist.

New Years Resolution – Some Ideas

Make investing in these systems a priority of your leadership team through the following steps. Put these on your leader’s and manager’s individual goals statements, and make fulfilling them part of the requirements for your company’s bonus incentive plan.

  • Human Resources managers and partners should review the Employee Manual for your firm.
  • Safety Manager should evaluate and update the Health and Safety Manual.
  • Safety Manager should update and audit the Safety Event Log.
  • Operations Managers should review and update the Operations Processes, delete the obsolete, update the current, and add new undocumented processes.
  • Human Resources or training should update employee training materials.
  • Training should develop the annual training schedule.
  • Human Resources, with managers should schedule employees to be in training relative to their individual growth plan.
  • Leaders should put individual goals in place for each employee to meet that include training.

This blog has only a few of the ideas you might implement to focus on training. Barton Staffing Solutions is available to discuss other ideas for effective human capital management with you. Sharing our 15 years of experience is available to help clients grow their businesses. It’s what we do.

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