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Even Temporary Employees Need Access and Basic Computer Skills

Barton Staffing SolutionsAt Barton Staffing Solutions, we continue to offer a paper application, but over time, this will go away. That means that all jobs require some kind of access to a computer to apply. Everyone in the job market must have basic computer skills, or they won’t make it through the application process.

It has become essential in the modern job market, to have the ability to access a computer and to know basic computer skills.

Here’s why it’s no longer an option to use paper, or expect to be employed without basic skills that include navigating a website, typing basic information, and using email.

  1. Employers increasingly require your application online.
  2. Basic work in nearly every field (temporary or full time) requires the use of a computer.
  3. Even smart phones have implemented basic computer-interaction including web-access, data entry and email.
  4. Navigating information has become so easy on the internet and using computers everyone should do be able to do it.
  5. Compliance requires that every applicant use the same or nearly the same process for applicant tracking.
  6. You need complete information in your temporary staffing company’s ATS (applicant tracking system).

What’s stopping you? The bottom line is that applying for temporary jobs is less and less walking in. Those that walk in are going to be less likely to be selected over those that have ensured their application is complete online. Once you have a complete online application entered with your temporary staffing company, you will be found in searches that match your skills.

Your handwriting on paper may be difficult to read. Relying on your temporary staffing firm to re-type your application into their ATS is going to take time, maybe even delays, when you want a job now. Paper applications must go away because they are limited. There is not enough space to hand write the information that describes your skills and experience to offer a prospective employer.

If you have fear of computers and filling out an application online, work with a friend. Ask them to teach you how. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be.