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Written Warranty – If It’s Not In Writing, It Doesn’t Exist

warranty Handshakes are not warranties. Get a written warranty from your temporary staffing agency, or you don’t have a warranty.

What is a warranty? Dictionary.com tells us that, for the purposes of goods and services, a warranty is “a written guarantee to the purchaser … the manufacturer will make any repairs or replace defective parts free for a stated period of time.”

For Staffing Agencies, our definition of a warranty is: “a written guarantee to the client that the agency will replace any temporary employees that perform their assignment unsatisfactorily, for a stated period of time.”

The key to a warranty or guarantee is three-fold. First, that if the temporary employee does not perform work at a satisfactory level, they will be replaced. Second that a specified period of time is given to evaluate performance of the assigned temporary employee to meet satisfactory performance levels. Third, that the warranty is executed at no cost to you for the time on the job for the replaced employee.

These two constraints ensure that the client engages to direct the new temporary employee on the job, and evaluate their performance. These two constraints also drive the temporary staffing agency to screen, qualify, and assign only candidates that will achieve satisfactory performance for the client. It’s a partnership.

Barton Staffing Solutions has a reputation based on outstanding customer service. By consistently providing the right employees to meet client needs, our temporary workforce is backed by a quality performance guaranty. The Barton Staffing Solutions warranty is written, and part of its standard contract for services. It reads:

Any worker deemed unsatisfactory may be returned to us for replacement with another qualified temporary employee, within 4 hours from start time at no charge to you.

Check your agency agreements, and ask about your staffing firm’s warranty. Does it have this service level of quality? Is it in writing? How do you take advantage of the warranty? Does your staffing firm have back-up employees for you? These are all good questions, but having your warranty in writing is critical, or it doesn’t exist.

Ask your agency to tell you about a difficult warranty case they had. Ask to talk to that client for a reference.

Barton Staffing Solutions is your source for quality, honesty and integrity in staffing. We treat our employees well, and put partnership agreements in place with our clients to ensure we own our contribution share through staffing, for your company’s performance in delivering on goals. Call us today to learn more about our warranty.