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The Thank You Note Is A Valuable Job Search Tool

ThankYouIt seems like everything is changing. Resume’s are getting shorter, social, visual, and more. Search is evolving with sites like LinkedIn to identify, rank and select talent using analytics based on statistical factors. And candidates are even screened, presented and interviewed on Skype.

One thing in the process that has not changed is the importance of the thank you note.

It might be a thank you note to a recruiter for investing the time to allow you to pitch your skills, abilities and experience in a lengthy screening call to elevate your fit for a position at a key client. Or it might be the thank you note to express your heightened interest in a company you just met with the hiring manager and interview team where they invested time in you to give you a plant tour or facility tour.

Whatever the reason, write the thank you letter.

Why is this a good idea?

  1. Keeps you top of mind.
  2. Demonstrates your interest in the job.
  3. Differentiates you from other candidates.
  4. Allows you to emphasize skills that fit the job.
  5. Is an opportunity to augment the information you already shared.

You can email a thank you message or hand write the note – but do it right away. You may do both, following one with the other to keep top of mind over several days while following up.

One job seeker we know prepares a thank you card before an interview. She keeps postage in her portfolio in order to mail it immediately after an interview. She writes a short sentence that resonates with the interview experience, to remind the interviewer who she was, and that she paid attention. Often, if mailed that immediately, and that close to the location of your interview, it arrives the next day.

Which ever approach you take, be sure you say thank you to the people that help you find a job – recruiters and interviewers. And, be sure to thank the hiring managers you meet along the journey. This skill is critical to be recognized as the candidate that cares.

Barton Professional Placement is available to candidates for coaching through the process. We present our candidates to clients after careful screening to ensure each candidate is prepared to be successful in the position and also ready to exhibit the desired characteristics like saying thank you to those that have helped them achieve what they want to in their careers. Search jobs on Barton Professional Placement Group’s website at www.BartonPPG.com.