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The Secret To Become A Temporary Employee Hero ? ( Referrals ! )

team Good temporary employees know they deliver a service to their host employer that they need to achieve corporate goals.

Great temporary employees know how to become a hero with their agency.

At a minimum, and similar to any other full time (non-temporary) position, temporary employees must “perform” at or exceed the expected performance level for the job.

On top of this, how can a temporary employee be a hero ? It’s simple. Referrals.

There is a simple reason why: Great temporary employees know others in their network. Their colleagues typically have their similar strong work ethic, drive and motivation, and work behavior characteristics.

If you are proud of the work you do as a temporary worker, you are likely in the right place to make the move to become a temporary employee hero.

Here’s why:

  1. Your employer (the temporary staffing firm that pays you and gives you your work assignments) benefits from your referring other good people like you to work for them.
  2. You help your employer by accelerating their recruiting process and increasing their database of qualified temporary worker talent.
  3. You become visible at a new level to your temporary staffing agency employer and your network is less likely to turnover.
  4. Working with someone you know is an accountability mechanism – teams of like-minded and like-motivated people outperform those loosely coupled.
  5. Your host employer (the workplace where you are assigned) benefits by your helping them improve their bench strength with like employees that are motivated like you.

If you are the temporary employee that sees how this ecosystem of work, employer, and workplace integrate together, your employer will recognize you as someone on their team that is interested in growing the business.

Demonstrating your understanding of how the business works, and working to grow it is key to being recognized as a great employee by your staffing agency.

Refer the friends you are proud of for jobs at your employer. Be a hero. Barton Staffing Solutions is hiring and building their temporary staffing bench strength. Online applications are always open, and you can tell the people you would refer to just go online, and submit an application. It’s easy to be a hero at Barton Staffing Solutions.