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Recruiters Deliver Value

recruiter deliver value

That’s a good question: Do Recruiters Deliver Value? WHAT does your recruiter deliver? Does your recruiting strategy start delivering value immediately? Or, does it immediately waste time and deliver substandard candidates?

A client says, “we heard Zip Recruiter ad on the radio,” or “another recruiter offered to recruit for half the regular fee.” Do these offers makes sense? When someone says they can do more for less, you have to ask: “what are they NOT doing or delivering?”

Recruiters Deliver Value – Up Front

Do recruiters deliver value? For search Barton Professional Placement Group delivers up front. Before we even begin sourcing we deliver:

  1. Team discovery meeting with your hiring manager(s).
  2. Develop a recruiting and Hiring Strategy from YOUR requirements.
  3. Assess market, skill, availability and salary analysis of candidates.
  4. Provide written recruiting summary.
  5. Develop recruiting messages to attract the best candidates.

We provide this to all clients and prospective clients with a serious hiring need. This is our baseline before any sourcing in the search process begins. This helps our clients understand what they have asked us to search for. It presents the opportunity to fine-tune our client’s hiring objective. So often, the actual need evolves through this process.

Discovery demonstrates our expertise to create value for our clients.

Content vs. Value

Zip Recruiter, Indeed, and other résumé websites deliver lots of content. They make it sound so simple. Radio ads convince naive hiring managers that keyword searches will identify 3 perfect candidates with no effort. Indeed, Zip Recruiters deliver value of the type you need? No!

Barton Professional Placement Group spends hours evaluating each candidate to measure candidate performance potential and interest for the job.Without discovery, ask these questions:

  1. How does a keyword search test for culture-fit?
  2. How does a one page résumé convey the depth of a candidates real experience.
  3. How does a website evaluate the breadth of their real skills
  4. How can a candidate’s true interest in the job be measured without a conversation?

Raw content is not value. It makes the process more difficult and time consuming. It opens the door to procrastination. “Every manager has said it: I’ll look at those résumés later, when I have time.

Value is what a good recruiter delivers.

Hiring Starts with Recruiting

Sourcing résumés is the easy part. Successful hiring begins with a recruiting strategy based on discovery of needs. Finding the right candidate requires the skills of an expert. Great recruiters deliver value both efficiently and effectively.

Résumé websites aggregate candidates but cannot do what recruiters do. They cannot dig deeper to ensure fit to your company’s unique culture. They cannot make a connection between candidates and your long-term hiring and growth plan.

You are the hiring manager. You have your regular job to do. Do you have time to read through résumés strategically stuffed with keywords by clever candidates? Zip Recruiter and Indeed thought these were perfect.

Recruiters are better at phone screening, and coordinating a successful hiring outcome. They accelerates hiring so results can happen sooner. Recruiters deliver value that saves you time and cost.

Want to learn more about our process? Or perhaps you know the value of recruiters and are ready to schedule the discovery call now! Make it happen by calling Barton Professional Placement Group today. www.BartonPPG.com.