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Staffing On-boarding Is Applicant Experience

on-boardingThe staffing on-boarding process is evolving to meet the needs of both industry and applicant experience expectations.

Today, the staffing industry rapidly evolves to lead the demands of a growing Gig Economy. Workers in all industries are increasingly aware of the dramatic differences between staffing firms/agencies competing for them to apply.

The staffing on-boarding process is one of those key factors that makes or breaks the applicant experience, and ultimately sets apart one staffing company from another. These expectations are evolving for the better to meet the demands of a savvy workforce in addition to meet baseline compliance with client expectations.

Like all companies, staffing firms too are being measured by their own employees.

Evolving the on-boarding applicant experience in order to satisfy both client and applicant expectations is a cornerstone of Barton Staffing Solutions unique and differentiated approach to staffing. We’ve been working to stay ahead of the curve for years.

The On-boarding Baseline

Generally, on-boarding includes completing the hiring process, reviewing policies and procedures, safety rules, and other critically important steps to make applicants into employees. It also can and often does include fundamental training steps about the job to be performed and likely even more job-specific on-boarding activities. This may seem like administration work – but that is changing. On-boarding has become a critical element to achieving regulatory compliance, meeting safety standards, and much more. Staffing companies respond by taking on more and more of these steps as employment law, rules and regulations change and affect staffing agencies like they affect all companies.

Clients also realize and value the process. They add certain client-specific policies and facility-specific rules that need to be included in the on-boarding steps to ensure temporary workers arrive ready to work. Staffing companies meet their requirements by adding client-specific on-boarding items to the baseline process.

Applicant Experience Expectations

This is where the most dramatic changes are occurring. With social media, and online business rating sites (e.g., Google reviews, Glassdoor, among others). The greatest asset every staffing firm has is their team of temporary associates that cheerfully love to work on the firm’s assignments.

It’s critical to retention, reducing turnover, and ensuring client satisfaction. Our associates visibly demonstrate to everyone they meet – when at work or not at work – that they really like working for Barton Staffing Solutions. Simple things like showing employees how they get paid, to how to earn referral bonuses, to apply safety training, and even something simple like promotional clear water bottles for workers to stay hydrated when on the job.

Like all companies, staffing firms too are being measured by their own employees. This is not unlike any other company – but it’s critical in staffing as workers can easily walk across the street to the next staffing agency if their applicant experience isn’t meeting expectations.

All clients need to do to measure applicant experience is ask a temporary worker at their facility. Applicants already share their opinion. It makes a difference!

Great staffing companies like Barton Staffing Solutions work hard to build their team of associates, and treat them in a manner that produces the best applicant experience that meets expectations. Clients appreciate the investment because they get better and more motivated workers, lower turnover, and as a result, better output for their staffing investment.