Unemployment Risk and Impact of NOT Returning to Work

unemployed risk impact

What is the unemployment risk and impact of not returning to work to you? Why not turn the real unemployment risk and impact of NOT returning to work into motivation to get back in the workforce – today. The Federal Government voted in legislation to support those in dire need to feed their family and […]

Worker Shortage WGN Interview

WGN Interview Barton

Jason Barton gives Worker Shortage Interview on Friday May 7, 2021 on Chicago’s WGN TV Channel 9 News. Speaks with anchor Ray Cortopassi live on the 5 o’clock news. The topic: economic recovery and post-pandemic worker shortage. From a staffing industry perspective leading a firm supporting greater Chicago and the Western Suburbs. And, in successful […]

Unemployment ARPA and the Long Term

ARPA - Ball in your court

ARPA and Unemployment Affects YOU How will the American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA) of 2021 impact your long-term employment prospects? Unemployment ARPA and the Long Term – It depends on the actions you take today. Extended unemployment benefits and stimulus checks might be an excellent short-term solution for many workers. In the meantime, companies are struggling to […]

Unemployment Is NOT A Long Term Solution

You have a choice to make. You can apply for a JOB or apply for UNEMPLOYMENT. One option will build your pride, make a contribution, earn money and support your family in the long term. The other will not. Unemployment is NOT a long term solution Barton Staffing Solutions helps many workers change their lives […]

On Unemployment? Don’t Be The Last One

This blog is for you if you are on unemployment benefits. Collecting unemployment benefits can sometimes feel like a game of Musical Chairs. Don’t be the last one to get back to work. Regrouping to figure out what you want to do is valuable, only to a point. The added COVID-19 benefits intended to help […]

Jobs Available Now Don’t Wait

Don’t Wait – There Are Jobs Available Now Don’t wait until everyone is applying for the same jobs you want. Things are way different than they were 2 months ago – in many ways. The motivated see this as opportunity to work, or get a better job, or switch job roles altogether. But be aware […]