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Unemployment Is NOT A Long Term Solution

UnemploymentYou have a choice to make. You can apply for a JOB or apply for UNEMPLOYMENT.

One option will build your pride, make a contribution, earn money and support your family in the long term. The other will not.

Unemployment is NOT a long term solution

Barton Staffing Solutions helps many workers change their lives when they make the choice to work.

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  • Unemployment is not a long term solution if you can work.
  • Extra Unemployment benefits will likely run out in 3 to 5 weeks.
  • The Time is NOW to go back to work.

Unemployment is NOT a long term solution. As a safety net, it helps those that are laid off while they find another job. If you are a light industrial worker in logistics, manufacturing, and many other industries and are on unemployment, this Blog is good advice for you.

With COVID-19, it’s easy to get comfortable receiving unemployment benefits. And, with first the $600 and second allocation today of $300 unemployment boost. But this is not a long term solution for those that can still work in jobs that are available. It will run out, and you will need to find a job.

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Extra Unemployment Cash WILL RUN OUT

That extra cash from unemployment won’t last forever – maybe 3 or 5 more weeks. Each day you are not working reinforces the label of job hopper when you do go back and apply for work. For general labor, forklift operators, machine operators, assemblers and production workers, THERE ARE JOBS AVAILABLE. The time to get back in the job market is NOW, before these special benefits truly run out!

Realistically, holding out for exactly the job you used to have, makes no sense for two reasons. One being that your former employer may not hire you back before unemployment benefits run out. Another reason is you miss the opportunity to try something new at a new employer – and expand your career.

Jobs Are Out There for You

Bottom line, THERE ARE JOBS AVAILABLE for light industrial work.

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