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Unemployment ARPA and the Long Term

ARPA and Unemployment Affects YOU

How will the American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA) of 2021 impact your long-term employment prospects?

Unemployment ARPA and the Long Term – It depends on the actions you take today.

Extended unemployment benefits and stimulus checks might be an excellent short-term solution for many workers.

In the meantime, companies are struggling to fill open positions to keep manufacturing afloat. As a result of the gap between people who want to work and company hiring needs, pay rates for skilled and unskilled labor positions have increased dramatically over the past 12 months.

Now is the time for YOU to transition from unemployment to gainful employment.

If you choose to work now you will earn the following:

  • Higher pay rates than you have previously earned.
  • Better choices in the type of work, job location and shift for your new job.
  • An opportunity to retain and expand your skills and experience.
  • Eligibility for higher-paying positions in the future due to your stable, uninterrupted work history.

Unemployment ARPA and the long term, collecting unemployment speaks volumes about your work ethic! Not in a good way.

When the benefits dry up and the masses return to the workforce, hiring managers and recruiters will be cautious about hiring unemployment predators—those who have skills, experience and opportunity to work right now, but have made the choice not to work.

Don’t be THAT candidate when the benefits run dry!

The ball is in your court! Apply today on our website Barton Staffing Solutions.