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You’re applying for a temporary staffing job. You should ask yourself, “How to make the most of a staffing job?” This blog shares good ideas for you to be successful. Your experience will be better and your job/career path will benefit. Use these ideas to make the most of your next staffing assignment.

Temporary assignments are a career move

Often people take staffing positions in transition between full time positions. Today, most employers are looking for the best people to hire. Years ago, temporary jobs were temporary. Today companies use temporary staffing to identify the best employees to hire. How should you improve your chances of getting hired on? You should always put in 100%. Perform well and they will notice.

Attendance is key so be on time

Temporary staffing jobs are like every other job. Basic employee expectations start out with showing up and being on time. Be the employee that arrives early, punches in on time and works the end of the shift. If you have to call off, call Barton Staffing Solutions’ office and let them know.

Ask questions and get noticed

Be sure supervisors know who you are. Do good work and perform your job well. Also ask questions or make suggestions if applicable. Demonstrate your commitment to be the next person hired on. Don’t appear to be complaining or whining. Be positive. Keep an open mind if the answer isn’t what you expected. There may be something new to learn. And it may expand your skills for your next job!

Make connections and build positive references

You never know when you might need a reference. For what next career move you might need a reference. Develop a good relationship with your supervisor and coworkers. You may use them as a reference in the future.

Wear appropriate clothes and work gear

Don’t show up wearing what you would wear to a party. Machines can grab loose clothing, and jewelry, so leave that at home. There may be PPE (personal protection equipment) requirements for the work-site. Always be prepared. Show up with the right attire, footwear, eye protection. Barton Staffing Solutions will help you know what you need.

Leave smart phones in your car

When you are working, it is not social time. Employers look for employees that are undistracted. Focus on doing the work. Answering calls or checking your social media will not help you get hired or build that reputation for a great future job reference. If you need to check messages, do it during break or lunch only. Turn it off the rest of the workday.

Make the Most of a Staffing Job

Apply these best practices and you will maximize staffing to your job/career advantage. It will produce the best overall result. Your focus will advance you to the next assignment and support your long-term job and career path. If you have questions, just ask any of our recruiters in the Barton Staffing Solutions office. We are here to help.