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Safety Mindset In Staffing and Recruiting

A safety mindset is a top concern for staffing and recruiting firms. For staffing firms providing temporary employees under a client’s supervision, it is paramount in two ways:

  1. Candidates for employment must have a safety mindset.
  2. Employers must have a similar safety mindset in the workplace.

Both employer (clients) and employees (candidates) must both have the same mindset. In addition to exhibiting a strong safety mindset, temporary employees must follow safety rules and procedures that support the employer’s specific jobsite safety requirements.

A coordinated safety program, and a track record of safety, lowers costs for everyone. Liability and worker’s compensation insurance rates are based on risk, which is ultimately based on safety track records of both the staffing firm’s employees, and the client company’s overall safety track record.

In terms of insurance, neither party can shift a poor safety record to the other. Insurance providers look at the safety record as a whole to calculate risk and setting insurance fees. For the client/employer, this includes the combined safety record for both temporary and salaried employees.

Barton Staffing Solutions has instituted a number of initiatives as an example for the staffing industry in building a climate of safety in the workforce and on the jobsite.

  1. Barton Staffing employs a full time safety manager on their team.
  2. Safety inspections and jobsite evaluation are available for all clients at their jobsite.
  3. Expert safety consulting is available to participate and support client’s internal safety committees.
  4. Being part of your safety program enables objectives to be achieved faster.
  5. Every candidate, regardless of job, is screened for basic workplace safety concepts.
  6. Barton uses Kenexa ProvIt! for Safety In The Workplace.
  7. Barton ensures the that proper OSHA PPE is readily available (personal protective equipment – gloves, glasses, etc.)
  8. Barton Staffing Solutions employees go through Safety Training twice a year.

In the end, a safety mindset is a collaborative effort among the staffing firm, the temporary employee and the client.

Having an strong safety mindset. Developing this mindset creates a climate of continual improvement, not only for safety, but also for lean manufacturing, and other goals, objectives and initiatives in the workplace.

Ask us how we can help and support your safety initiatives.