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The First Safety Axiom: Cutting Corners Never Pays

An axiom is a self-evident truth. The First Safety Axiom is: cutting corners never pays. That is to say, to cut safety corners in the short term will certainly increase long term cost in order to cover increased risk. It will never pay.

After doing it once, the temptation to take that same risk again is too high, and that increases the risk exponentially. What becomes a one-time event can become a rule at your site. If it becomes a rule, it affects the quality of your products and the image of your company brand in the market place

Naturally, managers pressed for budget efficiency on the shop floor or supervisors trying to squeeze one more unit of production have thought about cutting corners. Corners that add risk to workers and quality. Barton Staffing Solutions from time to time hear requests directly to cut corners.

Managers may ask “just this one time, can we have your people do this one job,” “operate this prohibited machine,” “work under these unsafe conditions” or other restricted activity prohibited by both regulatory rules and Barton Staffing Client Safety Agreements in place with the client.

We always say “no.” That is the purpose of the Barton Staffing Client Safety Agreement! We as mutually benefiting parties, agree never to cut corners when it comes to safety.

Why? It only takes one mistake, one injury, one event to leave scars that last forever and long-term costs that will always exceed any short-term gain perceived by that one unit of production.

The economy will improve, that is a given that everyone knows. When it does, ensure that safety risks taken now are not costing profits off the bottom line when good times return for your business.

Barton Staffing is here to help. We have managers on staff that are ready to sit down and discuss how increasing safety can improve the bottom line in the long-run. But rest assured we will always say “no” when it comes to taking risk that will cost more in the long run than the short-term payoff.

Call Barton Now to make an appointment with the Barton Staffing Safety manager. We’re here to help if you are entertaining cutting corners and breaking the First Safety Axiom.