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Lifting Injury Safety Initiative In The Workplace

Another easy cost-saving initiative to consider is simply a lifting injury safety initiative to reduce lifting injuries in the workplace.

Barton Staffing Solutions has safe lifting guidelines that limit the weight that an individual temporary employee should be asked to lift 50 pounds. Anything over that weight limit should be tandem lifted with proper personal safety equipment for lifting.

Tandem lifting is when two people use proper lifting techniques to lift a heavier object. Each lifting employee should be burdened with no more than 50 pounds. For example, two people could lift up to 100 pounds, splitting the weight between them.

There are two reasons for limiting the weight any employee should be lifting and the primary reason is safety. And costs due to injury when lifting too much, or lifting with incorrect lifting techniques. The secondary reason concerns the risk to products that a temporary workforce may not be as familiar with when compared to your full time staff. If temporary employees and our clients use safe lifting guidelines, everyone benefits. Employees don’t get hurt. Our client companies don’t have an injury to report nor turnover costs to manage.

The basic lifting rules we suggest be posted at every worksite are:

AS YOU LIFT, Always…

  1. Limit lifting to 50 pounds or less, by any one individual.
  2. Keep the load as close to you as possible, while lifting.
  3. Keep your back straight.
  4. Turn your feet outward and push your buttocks.
  5. Bend your knees.
  6. Keep your head forward. Your lift will be more balanced and the curves in your spine will stay balanced and aligned.
  7. Breath out as you lift.

These lifting rules come from the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine (USACHPPM) ergonomics program which they promote and suggest copying and distributing. You can download the full Lifting Techniques document from the USACHPPM on their site through this link.

The full Lifting Techniques document is valuable to share with all employees on a regular basis, and may be useful in skills testing for employees that lift regularly in their job. There are specific technique instructions, and suggestions for when to use them, for: Basic Lift, Power Lift, Tripod Lift, Partial Squat Lift, Golfer’s Lift, Straight Leg Lift and Overhead Lift as well as pivot technique.

Download this lifting technique and instruction document in PDF format today. It will help prevent injuries in your workplace. Call Barton Staffing Solutions if you have other questions, or are concerned about your workplace. The Barton Staffing Solutions’ full-time safety manager is available to consult with you about your concerns. Call us today.