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Need a New Staffing Company? Third in a Series – Process II

Our last blog in this series was the first on temporary staffing company process. As 2014 approaches, you may be reconsidering a new staffing company. Your temporary staffing agency should have one! It will be clear when the company you choose, has a process.

What should you look for in a process? When assessing your current, or a prospective, agency’s process, you want to look at five key elements.

  1. How thorough is the process? What rigor exists in the process to ensure you are receiving the best candidates. There should be evidence of review and qualification steps for the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as his/her experience – and aspects to qualification that involved background check, references, and more.
  2. Does the process have oversight? Are recruiters alone responsible, or does your staffing firm also have staffing managers and account managers reviewing candidates for fit before presenting and taking your time? How do / will you know? Consider the last time an applicant/candidate didn’t work out. Ask: “how that got to you?”
  3. How long does it take? There is no set timeframe to get applicants to your desk and on the job. It varies based on required qualifications. If you need to fill the position immediately, and your agency doesn’t give you a realistic timeframe based on difficulty to find, the agency may not have experience in that domain.
  4. Does the process include verification? Any agency should be proactively sharing with you how their process supports your need for regulatory compliance regarding eligibility to work in the US. In addition, it should have steps to offer drug screens, competency testing, background and reference checks based on your needs.
  5. Does the process have follow-up steps? Your agency, or prospective agency should have a series of follow-up steps they have in place to ensure the applicant is performing on the job. It should go deeper, and ask what went well during the process, and what can be improved. That last piece is critical to building a long-term partnership with your agency.

When choosing a new staffing company, it’s one thing for an agency to say they have a process, but quite another to show and prove that it has depth and breadth in terms of value the process delivers to satisfying your business needs, and supporting your company’s long-term goals – in terms of organizational development, and also other goals such as production and quality, and ultimately profitable growth.

Barton Staffing Solutions can share our process with you – call us today. We tune our core process framework based on your unique needs. We ensure your requirements are met to achieve business goals that temporary staffing can support.