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Did You Know Barton Staffing Solutions Offers Formal Skills Testing ?

As we enter the new year, and the ideas and goals are flowing to make 2014 a landmark year for your organization. One option you may not have considered is formal skills testing for your temporary employees. You may consider it as part of your hiring process for full time employees, as well.

Barton Staffing Solutions offers hundreds of skills testing titles through ProveIt! by KeneXa. Many staffing agencies offer some testing, but Barton Staffing Solutions has partnered with KeneXa to ensure a complete library of testing is available to qualify applicants for the work they need to do at your facility on your project.

The titles vary from operational and functional skills testing to three that we find are critical for many businesses today that want to improve operations. Consider these titles to improve your organizational effectiveness:

  1. Business Etiquette
  2. Safety
  3. Managing Risk

It may not be your first consideration when looking to add temporary workers to your organizational development and improvement plans for 2014, but skills testing is one way to ensure you get the candidates that meet your internal expectations.

Why work with Barton Staffing Solutions for skills testing? The temporary employee agency you have been using may be sending you low skilled or under-qualified employees for the tasks and work you have to achieve. In simple terms, you spend more time training under-qualified workers, the cost of training and low productivity is high to your operational efficiency, and finally, turnover is going to increase.

Raising the bar for skills qualifications in your organization is an investment, and it has a significant return in terms of productivity, quality, and efficiency. Skills testing is a service that Barton Staffing Solutions offers premium customers. Call us today to discuss how we can add this to the services that you leverage as you pursue your 2014 growth plans.