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Six Ways: How Does A Temporary Staffing Warranty Add Value?

Temporary staffing agencies offer a warranty to its clients – or should offer a warranty. If your agency does not, come talk to Barton Staffing Solutions about how we can provide better value and service as your temporary staffing agency.

Simply put, a warranty is a service level commitment to clients within a timeframe. For staffing agencies, that means if a temporary employee arrives to your site for work and within a stated time frame is unable to perform the work stated in the job order, the staffing agency will replace the temporary employee immediately.

Clients and agencies partner together to ensure that the job order is clear, the work to be done fits the skills of the temporary worker, and that worker has a history of positive results to an employer’s satisfaction.

Barton Staffing Solutions Quality Performance Guarantee states:

If within four hours of job start time, you are not satisfied with a worker’s performance, we will find a suitable replacement as soon as possible.

A temporary staffing warranty, or Barton Staffing Solutions Quality Performance Guarantee adds value in a number of ways. Here are six ways.

  1. A warranty ensures the best temporary employees are provided to your organization.
  2. A warranty motivates a staffing agency to screen and send only qualified applicants to fill your job order.
  3. A warranty ensures better skilled workers and a fit that lowers turnover, and reduces training costs.
  4. A warranty aligns your staffing firm with your company’s short- and long-term goals and objectives.
  5. A warranty demonstrates a shared responsibility and collaborative effort in developing your organization.
  6. A warranty ensures that any error is corrected as soon as possible, and with minimized cost.

In the end, when your staffing agency provides a warranty on its service level to your organization, it is best for all parties involved. Clients get better temporary employees. staffing firms get it right the first time, and applicants and employees see and understand the performance level required to meet expectations.

[Employees side note: If you are a temporary employee reading this, take careful note. This blog indirectly outlines the baseline level for you to become a successful temporary employee. You can learn how your employer assignment is looking for value well beyond your just doing the work. Ultimately, the best temporary employees move into long-term relationships with their staffing firm, eventually giving you consistent assignments and steady income. This also opens opportunities to develop your career in other ways, including temp-to-hire, or even direct-hire opportunities that result from quality work in a temporary staffing experience.]

Whether you are a large enterprise or small business client looking for exceptional and skilled temporary workers, backed up by a quality performance guarantee, Barton Staffing Solutions is ready to provide you with the best service level possible.

If you are an exceptional skilled temporary worker, Barton Staffing Solutions wants to hear from you. Explore our open positions today on the Job Board on the Barton Staffing Solutions website.