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Temporary Staffing Interview Preparation – Part 2

selected Last Friday, we wrote about preparing for your staffing interview. Today, let’s look at the why behind all those steps to temporary staffing interview preparation.

In all interviews – the experience is not about you (the candidate), it is about your potential employer and what you can do for them.

Whether it is temporary staffing, direct hire or contractor – and for any position at any level from the mail room to the shop floor – all the way to the top of the organization.

The goal is to ensure you have taken down any barriers, perceived or real, that a potential assignment would not be awarded to you. The competition for jobs is higher today than it was three years ago. Employers are interviewing for staffing positions because they need the best employees to build competitive advantage into their business.

Employers want to see that you under stand that, and have come prepared for the job. Don’t assume that any employer will look past any lack of preparation. Employers have enough people looking for jobs, temporary or permanent that they are looking for reasons to reduce the candidate pool, not increase it. They will not take the time to look inside you in order to find a way to fit you into their organization.

Employers are comparing you with other candidates that are taking that temporary staffing interview preparation seriously, and showing up with all interest on the employer. Some employers bring 4 or 5 temporary employees on at a time, and select the top 2 out of the group. Don’t be one of the ones that get’s let go in the evaluation process because you didn’t come prepared.

Your interview or first day on an assignment is all about how well you know, and do, what the employer needs done.

Preparation is everything. Barton Staffing Solutions is there to help you land your next temporary assignment. Take their instruction and guidance seriously. Ask questions. One that you might not think of is to just ask: “What do I have to do to be the person they keep on this assignment?” Follow the advice. If you haven’t read the last blog on temporary staffing interview preparation, go back and read it before you go to your next assignment interview.