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Temporary Employees Are Part Of Your Organization, Too

bees There are a number of reasons to choose to implement a temporary employee staffing program to help meet corporate operational and fiscal goals.

The most successful implementations happen when temporary employees are part of your organization, too.

The success of such programs comes in the implementation phase.

The key success factors we observe at most successful clients involve their dependence on temporary employees equally as they depend on internal employees.

These companies treat their temporary employees as a core part of the organization. They value these individuals as key contributors in terms of enabling the organization to achieve business results.

Give temporary employees feedback, both performance-based, and encouragement – it will produce results.

Conversely, the companies that fail to maximize the potential from use of temporary employees consider them lesser employees. Our observation is that these companies experience a compounding effect from temporary employee failures due primarily to turnover, but in addition, systemic issues in corporate culture ills.

The critical success factors that can make the difference are:

  1. Communication. Employers must provide equal communication in all aspects to temporary staff members as they do full time employees. This is the only way to ensure they are doing what you need them to do.
  2. Management. Temporary employees need their contribution to be aligned with the objectives of the operation. Managing temporary employees like you manage full time internal team members will produce greater results.
  3. Innovation. Involve your temporary staff in terms of innovation loops. Temporary staff members have ideas and can improve your operation by contributing those to the betterment of your company.
  4. Safety. The number one thing that contributes to your organization is to ensure that your safety programs include training and driving safety for all employees equally – including your temporary employees.
  5. Feedback. Be sure to provide performance feedback to your temporary team members. Your staffing firm will want to know too, but can primarily only drive attendance and policy feedback. Like management (above) your temporary employees will produce more and better results, if they have feedback on their performance.

Barton Staffing Solutions has the right stuff. We can help you maximize the potential return on your use of temporary staffing to deliver corporate results. If you are an employer that is not getting what you need from your current temporary staffing provider, give Barton Staffing Solutions a call – we can help.