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Avoid Certain Terminal Business Failure – Need People? Get Recruiter!

Business Failure Seasoned executives, if you want to stay competitive, read on. Management – if you want to be effective, achieve results or maybe become executive leaders, read on.

You have a product or service; you have customers motivated to buy; you have solid financials…, so, what’s missing?

The answer is “people.”

The best plan for a business is doomed without people. Companies need qualified people and enough of them to meet milestones, deliver results and exceed expectations.

Without people, Certain Terminal Business Failure (CTBF) is inevitable. Need people? Get Recruiter!

Getting people involves your entire leadership team, leverages recruiters, develops the network, and is part of leadership. Urgent – yes. Constant – yes. Desperate – avoid it. Get recruiter, engage and partner for the long-term now. Recruiters avoid desperate.

Need People? Get Recruiter!

When it comes to developing an organization, successful leaders know they benefit from outside help. It’s not enough to hire a director of human resources to manage benefits administration and ask them also to “go build my organization.”

They build a strong relationship with a recruiter, or search and staffing firm. It’s tied into the fundamentals of the plan to implement the broader vision and mission of the company. At successful companies, it’s not an afterthought to bring in experts, recruiters, and involve them deeply in the plan’s execution.

Integrate Operation & Organization Plans

When an operational plan is crystallized and then put into action, real leaders and managers have already considered multiple options and scenarios for recruiting, hiring, staffing and outsourcing the people needed to do the work and profitably achieve goals laid out in the plan.

A complete operational plan will explore different financial balance points for these scenarios at various levels of full-time equivalent employees and a complementary contingent temporary workforce. Such an effective plan will analyze scenarios for variable workforce demand based on factors relative to the industry.

Participation Required

Above and around all this, savvy, nimble and ultimately effective leaders know the buck stops at their desk, not the in the HR office. The sooner the operational plan has people doing the work required to achieve results, everything benefits: customer satisfaction competitiveness, profit, new growth, follow-on innovation, and the opportunity to do it again.

These engaged leaders and managers know and accept responsibility to actively participate and provide guidance to their leadership teams. They realize the value of an external partner in terms of both cost and time.

Less tenured leaders benefit from engaged senior leaders shortening their learning curve when executing plans to achieve goals. To stand by, and let young leaders learn it all on their own, is not prudent.

Tenured leaders take decisive action and engage effectively with external search and staffing partner. To be effective they seek and nurture collaboration with a partner.

Certain Terminal Business Failure

Abdication of responsibility to be involved and ensure accelerated organizational development is certain terminal business failure. Effective leaders help their hiring managers to put equitable skin in the game. They actively collaborate with their recruiters and proactively work with their search and staffing firms so they don’t:

  • Fail now, without the people to do the work.
  • Fail tomorrow, without a sustainable plan to build and strengthen your team.
  • Fail eventually, without a sense of urgency for hiring now.
  • Fail alone, without an recruiter, search and staffing partner, no one has time to DIY.
  • Fail blindly, without participating in the process.
  • Fail inevitably, without collaborating with experts inside and outside.

No leader wants CTBF.


Recently, the upswing in demand for top talent has really put a light on the missing steps in planning, integrating operational models with organizational development plans, and fundamental participation in leadership at many companies. It’s almost as if entire industry’s management forgot what it was like to stay ahead of the ongoing effort required to nurture, grow and strengthen an organization.

Don’t worry, Barton Professional Placement is your expert partner and can help navigate and engage best practices. Open the dialog, and we’re ready to help. Call us today.