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Staffing and Hiring – HR Leaders Accelerate Into 2018

Staffing and HiringEarly preparation for 2018 is the best method to gain competitive advantage. Don’t wait for the new year to come to you, accelerate HR activity now as it approaches. Evaluate and change staffing and hiring strategy today. Want to know more? Call Barton Staffing Solutions NOW, or read on.

Old Way vs. New Way

Many HR teams push managers to do annual reviews, administer salary increases and other traditional FY-end budget-spend and close-of-year tasks. Shouldn’t the automation tools in your HRIS be doing this? Be different, be competitive, be strategic and change your HR thinking from passive to active, now.

Finish 2017 strong by preparing for immediate engagement on the first of the year.

Be Strategic in Staffing and Hiring

According to SHRM’s new Human Resources new competency model, Fall on the corporate calendar is time for HR professionals to add strategic value by identifying and presenting organizational ideas to support strategic growth in the coming year. Your competitors are checking salary and wage levels, doing performance reviews, running employee satisfaction surveys and rewriting HR policies and procedures.

Plan for the coming year by doing the following:

  1. Review and realign HR staff with corporate vision and mission – (hint: talk to Marketing).
  2. Talk to your CEO about how HR can drive 2018 corporate objectives.
  3. Re-balance your Temporary Staffing to FTE mix to meet strategic goals and cut FTE cost.
  4. Reevaluate your current staffing providers and engage with better agencies.
  5. Take a hard look at your FT recruiter KPIs and sign recruitment contracts with new search firms.

Do these 5 things in September and October. Engage in November and December.

Your competitors are doing things the old way. Show your CEO that you can disruptively innovate just like the Engineering and Operations functions can. Aggressively drive the corporate vision by making strategic HR changes. Put an HR strategy in place to develop the required organization that will deliver on the corporate mission.

Do it NOW for 2018

Need help? Barton Staffing Solutions is a strategic partner to our clients. Call us today www.bartonstaffing.com.