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Staffing Safety and the OSHA 2017 Top 10 List

Staffing SafetyWhat about Staffing Safety? The recent preliminary OSHA 2017 Top 10 List begs the question: How do you ensure your staffing agency’s culture of safety is aligned with yours? Do you know what your staffing agency looks for when they do client-qualification staffing safety site inspection? It’s not (or should not be) a secret. Ask them.

It’s about alignment – if not aligned, operational excellence is hard to obtain.

Staffing Agencies hold the same important standards for staffing safety any other employer in a similar environment hold. There is nothing special about it. Staffing companies hold the same standards important that you do for OSHA and other regulations that drive a culture of safety in your operation.

Before we go any further – if your staffing agency doesn’t have a Safety Manager on their staff, ask yourself why? Or, maybe just call Barton Staffing now if that is of immediate concern. You are missing a valuable asset to drive a culture of safety in your own operation to ensure compliance.

Safety Managers, or the people empowered to perform this task, are OSHA 30 certified (minimum training level, we think). If you don’t know, ask.

In September, the National Safety Council had their annual conference in Indianapolis. At the event, OSHA shared their (preliminary) Top Ten violation list for 2017. You can be sure that Barton Staffing Solutions took note, and fine-tuned their pre-service client inspection review program.

Top 10 OSHA violations (preliminary):

  1. Fall Protection in Construction – 6,072 violations.
  2. Hazard Communication – 4,176 violations.
  3. Scaffolding – 3,288 violations.
  4. Respiratory Protection – 3,097 violations.
  5. Lock-out/Tag-out – 2,877 violations.
  6. Ladders in construction – 2,241 violations.
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks – 2,162 violations.
  8. Machine Guarding 1,933 violations.
  9. Fall Protection (training requirements) – 1,523 violations.
  10. Electrical (wiring methods) – 1,405 violations.

These numbers are preliminary. Final numbers are not yet compiled for 2017. However, it’s a good indicator of how the year will come in.

The keyword here is prevention. We all want to avoid citations for violations – it takes and aligned staffing safety culture.

Want to learn more about how Staffing Agencies should be actively aligned with your culture of safety? Call the Barton Staffing Solutions safety and risk manager now. We have a library of materials we use to ensure we are aligned with the best culture of safety in our chosen clients. If your staffing company doesn’t have this role, call us today!