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Is Your Job Application Getting Lost In The Pile When You Apply?

That Sucking Sound Is Your Application Getting Lost

Application Getting Lost

That sucking sound you think you hear submitting a job application to an employer you want to work for is probably your job application getting lost. Want to prevent your job application getting lost next time? Read on to learn how a Staffing Agency can get you noticed.

Employers get hundreds of job applications all the time. This constant stream creates the proverbial “pile” of applications. Once in a pile, applications don’t get read.

The pile is filled with applicants that don’t qualify. The pile is filled with robo-applications from Indeed, Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, Monster, LinkedIn… It’s like a fire hose of job applications blasting yours from ever being seen.

The fear of your job application getting lost is real.

Every day, people apply for dozens of jobs. Most never get a call back. Hiring Managers are busy doing their regular day job. Human Resources balance hiring with other demanding priorities. Your application ends up just a record in a database. Never even considered.

Try Something Different

If you want to change that, come to Barton Staffing Solutions. We have jobs. If you qualify, we will send you out on a job assignment. Those odds are much better against your job application getting lost. Barton Staffing Solutions can get you in the door faster. Getting in, working for, and showing how you make an impact is going to get you noticed much faster than your job application lost in the employers database.

Reviewing applicant’s job applications IS WHAT WE DO !

The game has changed significantly. Staffing Firms ARE one of the best entry points into companies with jobs. Staffing firms help get you noticed at the company you want to work for. The Career Page and online job application at a company is less likely to get a call back. The people at the company are working hard at their regular jobs every day. Staffing companies read your application and get you hired!

There’s nothing complex about this. It’s no mystery, either. Many of our temporary workers are HIRED ON FULL TIME. Working as a temp for Barton Staffing Solutions shows the employer you can perform the job.

Apply With Barton Today

If you are ready to work, we are ready to match your skills to a job – and it may well get you past the “pile” of job applications that you have been beating your head against.

Call Barton Staffing Solutions, or come in today. WE HAVE JOBS. Go to our website at www.BartonStaffing.com, and start the application process TODAY. We’ll call you back.