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Temp to Hire and Contract to Hire for Employers

Have you considered temp to hire and contract to hire as an option to meet your organizational development needs?

Temp to hire and contract to hire enables employers to evaluate the fit and performance of an employee in a controlled environment. In addition, your company’s growth and organizational development plans may need to balanced risk and flexibility with budget constraints and growth results.

Temp to hire enables employers to enlist a staffing firm to provide a temporary workforce for both predictable and seasonal work at the employers company. Employees are employed and paid by the staffing firm.

Contract to hire enables an employer to offer specific project work with a set start and end date directly to a contract employee. Recruiting firms search, identify and connect skilled workers for the project with the employer. The resulting arrangement is between contract-worker and the employer.. Unlike temp-to-hire, the contract-worker is paid by the employer.

For employers, temp to hire and contract to hire gives:

  1. Flexibility to shift based on dynamic and unpredictable economic and market conditions.
  2. An added incentive for teams to perform when outcome can be driven by potential results.
  3. An effective way to manage organization investment costs relative to revenue received.

For our clients, Barton Staffing Solutions is available to discuss how your next growth move can leverage temp to hire and contract to hire approach to organizational development. Call us today.