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Temp to Hire and Contract to Hire: For Candidates

Have you considered temp to hire and contract to hire as an option for your career development?

Temp to hire and contract to hire enables employees to evaluate potential fit with an employer without committing to a long-term career move. In addition, your personal growth can be matched to specific organizations that fit your career development plans both short and long term while enabling flexibility to capitalize on new opportunities.

Temp to hire enables employees to work through a staffing firm to be part of a temporary workforce for both predictable and seasonal work and employer assignments. Employees are employed and paid by the staffing firm.

Contract to hire enables an employees to accept specific project work with a set start and end date. Recruiting firms search, identify and connect employees with an employer’s available project work. The resulting arrangement is between the employee and the employer.. Unlike temp-to-hire, the contract-worker is paid by the employer.

For candidates, temp to hire and contract to hire gives:

  1. An opportunity to get in the door, and show a company what you can do.
  2. A way to try out an employer’s culture and work environment in a real work situation.
  3. The path to work for multiple employers and build a diverse experience history.

For candidates, use the online Barton Staffing application form to apply for any of our currently available tempt to hire or contract to hire jobs. Become part of our available resource pool today.