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Introducing the Barton Professional Placement Group Blog

Print Welcome to the Barton Professional Placement Group Blog.

You have found us. Barton Professional Placement Group is a direct-hire search firm focused on enabling clients to achieve corporate goals through effective organizational development.

Our blog will cover topics ranging from trends in hiring to economics that directly affect achieving results through effective performance-based hiring.

We welcome constructive comments, of course. Be patient as we do approve comments to ensure we are not a conduit for spam before they go live. We reserve the right to filter content and add terms of use and rules to our blog over time in order to provide the best experience for all readers coming to this blog for information. Managing the content presented on our blog is targeted at helping visitors achieve the objectives, goals and results.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and invite you to submit topic suggestions. Send suggestions to info_request@BartonPPG.com.

We also regularly share information on our Barton Staffing Solutions Blog, which can be found at: https://www.bartonstaffing.com/resources/blog/ That blog covers topics relative to the temporary industry Barton Staffing Solutions service.