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6 Reasons Hiring Managers Should Always Be Interviewing

Interviewing Today’s competitive economy makes innovation the number one driver of company success. Today’s social-media-centric and connected world, makes it essential that effective managers always be interviewing.

What I mean by interviewing is that effective managers are always meeting people, sizing up their potential contribution and evaluating if they could make a contribution to their team in terms of innovation, sales, reach, brand or other competitive advantage.

Ineffective managers are unable to think this far ahead. They wait until they have been allocated budget and HR has given them a fully approved job description, and the CFO has signed off on the requisition.

CEOs need managers that think ahead, and constantly evaluate talent that can build their organization.

Managers need to always be developing, building, and interviewing for your organization because:

  1. The average employee tenure on the job is less than 2 years, and becoming shorter and shorter.
  2. To be competitive, you must sow seeds of innovation by constantly mixing the gene pool in your organization.
  3. Interviewing and hiring can be distracting and takes constant practice and preparation for when you really need it.
  4. It’s an extension of networking to be evaluating people you meet with questions that get them talking.
  5. Like sales targets prospective customers, managers develop organizations faster if they have targeted future talent.
  6. Your competition is doing it, which means you must also constantly attract and hire talent before they do.

These ideas may sound easy and something that you do normally. Framing them makes them real, and demonstrates the critical importance they have to make you and your organization successful in delivering on corporate goals and objectives. Achieving corporate goals and objectives is the final metric for any manager.

To help drive this constant targeting and exploration of available talent in your industry and market, consider a retained recruiter search that engages a professional to drive talent to your door. Pay your search and placement firm well, so you can rely on them to have the talent pool at the ready for your next growth phase. Realign your competency needs regularly, and share changes in the complexion of your organization with your recruiting firm. They are a deep partner that ensures your company’s success.

You’ve heard the phrase about sales professionals that goes: “ABC, Always Be Closing.” For Managers, it’s “ABI, Always Be Interviewing.”

Barton Professional Placement Group is available to be your partner. We don’t just throw resumes over the wall for you to do all the work to evaluate. We have already spent hours or more ensuring our candidates can perform the job. We ensure candidates fit your job skills requirements while at the same time, matching your company’s culture. We’re available to discuss competency model development or teach your team how to interview. Call us today for a consultation.