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Match Recruiter Service Level To The Job – Part 4: Example

hammer In our last blog, we queued this topic to drive recruiter engagement with client hiring managers and recruiting partners. Today’s blog shares a clear real-world example. (Yes, this example is a real case study! It really happened.)

Please read the prior 3 blogs as part of this multi-part blog series.

Part 4: An Example

Hiring managers and human resources professionals should know recruitment service levels vary. More than any other leader in an organization, human resources professionals should know and champion a balance of recruiter service level to the job within their employer.

For example, $14/hour individual contributor positions will not warrant performing face-to-face screening. Asking the applicant to take off work for a face-to-face screening (at a similar pay rate) in addition to taking off work for the second interview at your company’s site, is an out of balance expectation.

We’ve surveyed other recruiters – this expectation is just not done.

Ostensibly, that applicant would lose a half-day’s work, or more, twice. Passive candidates won’t even consider your open position, if that is the expectation. Instead, and to be respectful of everyone involved, your recruiter will be talking by phone to this applicant at night, after hours when the applicant is available. This will keep the talent pool the largest, and attract the best candidates.

In addition, the fee paid for this level of position paid at an hourly rate does not support this depth of applicant evaluation. Using a well-developed set of questions, a good recruiter can qualify a $14/hour position in 60 to 90 minutes on the phone.

A face to face meeting to qualify a candidate for submittal is more appropriate for a senior manager, director or vice president position.

Human resources professionals must champion balanced expectations with hiring managers, CxO’s and others in the organization and their relative recruiting fees for varying position levels.

Be proactive and work with your recruiter. The best relationships between recruiters and their client partners are built on a foundation of collaboration. Investment of each other’s time as partners ensures exceptional outcomes. It’s very common for Barton Professional Placement Group to invite our clients to come in for an hour and sit in on our screening calls, and see precisely the level of rigor we put into finding the right candidates for them.

Collaboration always drives improved results.

On the other end of the spectrum, retained searches for $100,000+ employees may well have need for face-to-face, including expenses to travel and meet with the candidate. There’s a big gap between this level of recruiting assignment, and the $14.oo/hour job order.

In recruiting, every job order is different. The required effort in terms of scope and depth can vary wildly. Recruiting constraints continue to come back to the three fundamentals of job position type, performance level and salary grade. Every job order is not a nail that the same hammer is used to fill. Collaborate with your recruiter to learn more and balance expectations for effort, fees and outcomes inside your firm.

The recruiters at Barton Professional Placement Group are always interested in sharing these key points of differentiation with prospective clients. We understand your needs are unique. We have the ability to identify the best way to move forward and accelerate results. Call us today to learn more about the process recruiters should be using for positions you have open.