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Back to NormalTime to get Back to Normal – Back to Better Normal. Since COVID-19 hit in mid March some things have changed but likely your goals have not.

The truth is we’re getting through this, and doing well. We’ve learned a lot, and it is a new normal, a new better normal, we are getting back to.

Not Just Back to Normal – Back to Better Normal

Essential businesses responded with resilience. Difficult decisions were painful for many affected by short-term actions. Shelter In Place is nearly over and now it’s time to accelerate the recovery. You still have goals for 2020. Your stakeholders are holding you accountable. Time has past, but half the year remains.

You are up for this challenge. You have leadership, the right strategy, and an excellent staffing partner in Barton Staffing Solutions. There is every reason to achieve 2020 goals. Your strategy requires talent to perform the work. Qualified talent is what we deliver to your operation. You can meet those goals and end the year strong.

As an essential business, Barton Staffing Solutions stayed open through the crisis. Our workforce remained strong for those essential businesses we served. Our team is ready and able to meet your workforce needs now during the recovery.

Back to Better Normal

Barton Staffing Solutions prepared since day one in March for your recovery. We didn’t close our doors, we strengthened our own resilience to be ready for your business recovery. Here is a sample of what we’ve done to get you back on track.

Compliance – We followed CDC guidelines from the beginning. Applied both to our workforce, and our recruiting facilities.

Honesty – Our transparent approach continues to add value by first understanding your needs and partnering to adapt.

Masks – Masks are part of getting back to normal. Our employees have them. The safety of our workforce and those around them is critical.

Safety – Our recognized safety standards got stronger. We adapted our processes to meet your safety objectives.

Talent – Barton Staffing Solutions never stopped providing the workforce you need. Every employee passes E-Verify and is drug tested.

We’re ready. It is time to get going and take advantage of the opportunity to excel. Shelter In Place orders are almost completely lifted. There’s no reason to wait.

Call Barton Staffing Solutions NOW to discuss your reopening or ramp-up strategy. We have the talent to make it successful. We are here to get back to normal, back to a better normal, with you.